Mathematics 1st Grade

First Grade mathematics is about (1) developing understanding of addition, subtraction, and strategies for addition and subtraction within 20; (2) developing understanding of whole number relationships and place value, including grouping in tens and ones; (3) developing understanding of linear measurement and measuring lengths as iterating length units; and (4) reasoning about attributes of, and composing and decomposing geometric shapes.

Topics include: 
  • Represent and solve problems involving addition and subtraction
  • Understand and apply properties of operations and the relationship between addition and subtraction
  • Add and subtract within 40
  • Count to 120 and extend a counting sequence from any number less than 120
  • Understand place value
  • Order and compare objects by lengths
  • Measure and express the length of an object as a whole number of length units
  • Tell and write time in hours and half hours using analogue and digital clocks
  • Organize, represent, and interpret data
  • Reason with shapes and their attributes