Mathematics - Kindergarten

Kindergarten implements its mathematics curriculum using Investigations in Number, Data, and Space

Areas of Investigation:

  • Who is in School Today? - Exploring materials and routines
  • Counting and Comparing - Exploring numbers and measurement
  • What Comes Next? - Exploring patterns
  • Measuring and Counting - Exploring measurement and number
  • Make a Shape, Build a Block - Exploring 2D and 3D geometry
  • How Many Do You Have? - Exploring addition, subtraction and number systems
  • Sorting and Surveys - Exploring data

Report Card Outcomes and Indicators

Student will be emergent mathematical thinkers.

  • Demonstrate an interest in mathematics
  • Count a set of up to 20 objects
  • Compare two quantities up to 10 to see which is greater/less
  • Measure the length of an object to decide which of the two objects is longer
  • Represent a set of data to solve a problem
  • Sort a set of objects according to their attributes
  • Explore and identify 2-D and 3-D shapes
  • Combine two small quantities using manipulatives, drawings, and/or notations