Goals of Elementary Music


Light Purple Treble Clef.pngMusic instruction at Cutchogue East is a resource for expanding students’ experiences beyond their immediate surroundings.  It follows the New York State Standards by encouraging students to take pleasure in performing and creating, regardless of their talent or experience.  Our students learn how to utilize tools and resources. They learn to listen, appreciate and comment on music while understanding how music reflects the history and cultures of the world.

 Music instruction also helps to tap into the various intelligences children possess.  Studies show that these intelligences most directly addressed in music education programs, are important not only for their own sake, but as vehicles for learning in other areas of study.  Students who take part in music do better on standardized tests in core areas and become more productive and creative thinkers in various professions later in life.

Classroom music is taught using a variety of approaches, focusing on:

  1. Singing

  2. Instrument playing

  3. Movement

  4. Listening and analyzing

  5. Creating

    All lessons support the NYS Standards and aim to improve each child’s individual musicianship.