Social Studies 3rd Grade

Social Studies in Grade 3: Communities Around the World-

Learning About People and Places

In the grade 3 social studies program, students study about communities throughout the world.

The five social studies standards form the basis for this investigation as students learn about the social, political, geographic, economic, and historic characteristics of different world communities. Students learn about communities that reflect the diversity of the world’s peoples and cultures.

They study Western and non-Western examples from a variety of geographic areas. Students also begin to learn about historic chronology by placing important events on time lines. Students locate world communities and learn how different communities meet their basic needs and wants. Students begin to compare the roles of citizenship and the kinds of governments found in various world communities.

Report Card Outcomes and Indicators

Students will analyze a variety of information to draw conclusions about world communities.

  • Conducts research about world communities
  • Students will use the scientific method to explore the living environment and physical setting.
  • Conducts scientific investigations
  • Understands and applies scientific concepts