Faculty: Kara Tolmie

Program Overview:

The Elementary art program at Cutchogue East focuses on the introduction and practice of using various materials and art processes; developing skills and using materials appropriately. Students are learning how to read a work of art and to understand it in the context of history and different world cultures.

Problem solving is an essential part of the program, students are encouraged to think as designers.

Students learn the Elements and Principles of Design as a structure to develop an expressive and effective work of art, and well as promoting an understanding of artistic subject matter.

Elements of Design: Line, Shape, Form, Color, Value, Texture, and Space.

Principles of Design: Contrast, Proportion, Movement, Balance, Rhythm, Repetition, Unity, and Variety.

Kindergarten-Third Grade Art Techniques & Subjects

1. Line Drawings/Directed Line Instruction

2. Learning to draw different subjects by recognizing shapes.

3. Drawing/Rendering with Oil pastel, Crayon or Chalk

4. Cutting and Pasting: collage

5. Painting Introduction; using materials appropriately

6. Color mixing: Primary and Secondary Colors

7. Form-based art (model magic and Ceramics)

8. Portraits (K and 1st)

9. Art history: learning about different artists and examining their techniques.

10. Learning about different cultures, folk art and rendering.

11. Learning the connection between art and other subjects: ELA, Math and Science

12. Free expression.

Fourth-Sixth Grade Art Techniques & Subjects

1. Drawing/ scale drawing: Learning realistic drawing by increasing observational skills.

2. Developing drawing techniques of shading, contrast and proportion using drawing and colored pencils

3. Linear perspective

4. Painting (mixing paints/tints and tones)

5. Paper Cutting and Collage

6. Ceramics: learning hand building techniques and technical aspects of glazing and firing clay.

7. Sculpture: modeling clay

8. Sculpture: relief sculpture/ masks; learning paper mache’

9. Wire Sculpture

10. Art History: artists and different cultures throughout time and place

11. Learning about the function of symbols in Art history.

12. Learning the connection between art and other subjects: ELA, Math and Science

13. Free Expression