Character Education

What Do You Stand For?

The character traits in What Do You Stand For? - caring, citizenship, cooperation, fairness, forgiveness, honesty, relationships, respect, responsibility and safety - are basic values identified by many schools and communities worldwide. Certain core character traits are necessary for a child to develop into a healthy, functioning, positive member of society. These character traits helps children learn to understand and work together with others - especially those who are different from themselves - as well as to develop a concern for the quality of life in their families, among their friends and within their communities.

These traits help children learn to take responsibility for themselves and their own actions - a key part of becoming stronger, more fully developed people. Children also come to see that they have responsibilities beyond themselves, as members of a larger community. As children grow both inward and outward, they gain higher self-esteem and confidence, and have a greater belief in their own power to make a positive impact on the world.