Mrs. Finger - Math

                         April 29, 2019

Dear Parents,
In the month of April, we wrapped up our study of geometry with a focus on quadrilaterals
and the volume of rectangular prisms.  We have been completing much spiral review in an
attempt to keep all of our 5th grade learning targets fresh and well practiced so that our
transition to 6th grade math is as seamless as possible.  We have our New York State Assessment
in Mathematics on Thursday, May 2nd and Friday, May 3rd.  Please let your child's homeroom
teacher know your preference with regard to your child taking the assessment if you have not
already done so.

In the month of May we, of course, will continue spiral review and problem solving.  We
will also take a look at the coordinate plane and how to plot points within that plane.  This
particular unit of study ties in nicely with Miss Zuhoski's coding projects where the children
utilize both the x- and y- axes to move their sprite in Hatch!

As always, should you have any math-related questions or concerns, please feel free to send me an email at

Kind regards,
Jeanne Finger